Brazil is privileged for it is seen as a country that has not fought any international wars in more than 64 years. It has suffered, though, a lot from violence in its cities and in the country.

Children and youth are very much affected and are for the most part the victims of violence. Organized crime, drug traffic, traffic accidents, murders and suicides, depression, psychopathic pathologies, lack of education, counseling are some of the key issues. What is missing is a concerted peace development effort. In total, more people die and suffer as a result of violence in Brazil than in all wars and terrorist actions in the world put together.

Brazil will have a Ministry oriented to building a Culture of Peace. It is in the hands of Brazilians and all citizens of the world to achieve this. Historically, governments maintain Ministries or Departments of Defense or War, assuming, almost always, war and violence as means of inevitable survival. The power to change this paradigm lies in our hands.

The Ministry of Peace will coordinate and integrate wide converging actions to meet the goal of establishing and consolidating a culture of non-violence and peace. It will align educational efforts, justice, social work, young and senior citizens issues, human rights, cultural matters, medicine, public health. In sum, everything for the purpose of promoting sustainable growth and Peace.


On September 14, 2009, the government of Costa Rica turned its Ministry of Justice into the Ministry of Justice and Peace. It is the first of its kind in Latin America.

A world summit for the creation of Ministries of Peace, a Global Alliance Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace was held in Costa Rica, September 17th – 21st 2009. This global alliance brought together organizations, citizens and representatives of the governments of 35 nations who work together to set out governmental frameworks to support a culture of Peace.

With the support of Yoko Ono and millions of people the initiative for the creation of the US Department of Peace is underway in the US. Canada has also initiated a process for the creation of its Ministry of Peace.
We are living an important moment with the real possibility and opportunity for a paradigm change in the world. We all need to do our part, act, persevere, promote, communicate and involve more and more people and organizations. Peace, the environment and sustainability go hand in hand. Climate change, global cooling and Peace are all part of our world concerns.


Here bellow is an electronic petition any citizen can sign and thus propose the creation of the Ministry of Peace in Brazil, and also suggest the creation of counterparts in other countries in the world. Your details will not be published on the Internet. They will only be used in the printed version of the petition, which will be sent to the Brazilian National Congress. For your digital signature to be valid, please fill out the fields bellow.

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JUBA Sudan, June 21 (Reuters) - South Sudan's president Salva Kiir on Monday named his new cabinet, creating a Ministry of Peace as the oil-producing region prepared for a referendum that could see it split away as an independent country. Read more...



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